Radar Overlay



I have a TZT14 connected to a GP 330B receiver and a DRS4D Radar Sensor. I had an initial heading lost problem which was fixed with a software update about 6 months ago.
I have been unable to activate the radar overlay function. Do I need a separate heading sensor or is there another software update which will allow this function or have I simply got the incorrect orientation/heading settings ?
You need a heading sensor for radar overlay to work. GPS COG is not stable or accurate enough at slow speeds. If your boat has an autopilot you should be able to receive a heading message from it. Let us know if you have one and we can advise you on the connection.
Thanks for the reply - I do not have auto pilot - my boat is a world cat 270 and mainly used for day trips fishing. Is there any way to overlay the Radar with the system as is even if it is inaccurate ?
No, there must be an acceptable heading device in the system.