Radar + Display Unit compatibility - master list?



I have a RDP148 with Furuno GPS receiver used only as chartplotter. I would like to keep an eye out for compatible radar. I found an awesome post from "Melville" in Sept11 where it is suggested that the RSB110-070 or RSB071-058 domes can go with a RDP148. Are there any others?

I've been trying to solve this manually by trolling through zillions of Furuno product pages trying to guess which package numbers the RDP148 was sold with -- I've found 1724C and 1734C. Were these the only two kits the RDP148 went out the door with?

Does anyone know if there is a master list of which display units go with which radar units in case I find a dome/array and am curious which display I would need to connect it to?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can point me in the right direction.
Yes the RDP148 was sold in the USA with RSB110-070 (as a 1724C or C/NT) or RSB0071-058 (as a 1734C or C/NT) only. There is no magic master cross compatibility list, however the RDP148 is also compatible with the radar antenna's used for the 7" NavNet 1 units as well (RDP143). Furuno USA offered more radar antenna options for the original 7" NavNet units. You could use RSB0047-051 (2' open array 2.2kw), RSB0091 (2'open array 4kw), RSB0070-065 (3.5'open array 4kw).
Absolutely awesome info. Thanks so much. I had no idea that the package numbers differed between Cda and the US. It's a shame there isn't that cross-list for compatability I thought there might be. I'll go see what I can find for specs on those antenna. (I'm guessing they are going to have really wide beam widths with a 2' array.) Now I can keep an eye out in all the likely spots to see if I find a used one. Thanks again.
I'm afraid Furuno's part numbering "system" continues to elude me. (If there is a pattern to it, they are doing a good job of keeping it from being obvious to us dedicated Furuno-ites. ;-) I've got my eye out for antenna that fit the choices suggested by Flatline. And the hunt is proving to be fun! But how important are the suffix numbers -- for example, is something advertised as a RSB-0047 the same thing as an RSB-0047-051? ie., are the last three numbers (when present) crucial to the choice -- or do I just need to find an antenna that has the first part of the part number?
Last part of the number is critical. The first part is only the case number and the second number is what electronics were put in the case. If they don't tell you the FULL part number, ask them.
Whew. I'm glad I asked. Thanks SO much for the 'heads-up.' Can you take a look at Flatline's ideas for me earlier in this thread (2nd item in thread.). For all of the possible options there are second parts to the model number mentioned, except for the RSB-0091. Might you know what the last 3 digits are of the RSB0091 array that Flatline mentions would work with my RSB148 as with my luck, that will be the one I come across! ;-)
The last three numbers (RTR#) is the last three numbers of the federal communication ID number normally on the gearbox with the gearbox type number (ie RSBxxxx).
Furuno's code for Radomes and parts is like an oriental puzzle. I think as new models/larger displays came on they renamed the same radome with a new number in a few cases.
Johnny confirmed this in my question of the RSB087-070 & RSB110-070 and they are , indeed, identical as we have compared component on two side by side. I can not guarantee that furuno didn't substitute components on these numbers for the product manufacture life though. The two we looked at were identical.

RRR-For the RDP148 I believe all the following number have the same transceiver radiator unit as stated in doc below.

Antenna Display
RSB 087-068A 1712 RDP134
RSB 087-070 1722/1722c RDP130/131
RSB 094-075 1823c/1824c RDP149
RSB 095-076 1715 RDP142
RSB 110-070 1723c/1724c RDP148
http://www.furunousa.com/ProductDocumen ... akdown.pdf
IMO, all these tranceiver/radiators are the same. BUT, the cables/display plugs are not!Round vs square.
Correct me if I am wrong.
BTW, What is the -A on some?
Round and square units are normally different and not compatible because one is normally logarithmic processed and the other is linear. Many component are the same but it depends on the radar in question. The new A model RTRs are to meet a new FCC noise requirement.
Gotcha! Its finally dawned on me.
Only the 070 & the 070- A are compatible in the series I mentioned.
The rest are not.
Cheers, I now comprend.
Thanks again.