Radar 1700 and 1753C



Hi all,

I have a Furuno 1700 Radar/Chartplotter. It has a monochrome display. I have found a used 1753C. I guess if the Radar antenna and its connector are compatible. Can you help me?
If the 1700 is a NavNet display (not the older 1700 CRT radar) then it would work with the NavNet one 1753C unit on the same network just fine.
No, it's not the old CRT model! It is a Greyscale LCD display. I actually have two units, connected using Navnet1. One of the two is just a display and is a Furuno GD1700. The other one is IDENTICAL but, on the rear it has a rectangular connector for the radome antenna. I would like to replace this last one with the 1735C. I look at the 1735C manual and the connector for the Radar antenna is the same. I hope I can connect the radome antenna I have with the 1735C. I'm sorry I do not have the exact model of the Greyscale Lcd Radar unit but theboat is far from here. If you cannot help me I will repost with the correct model.

It would be best to know the model number of the display and the infomation on the radar scanner (RSB type number and last 3 digits of the FCCid) to ensure they are going to work.