Questions on RDP-148 VX2-new to me unit


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I have acquired this unit and planned on using it for only radar purposes, however, if I wanted to use the GPS and relegate my Garmin to back-up, which antenna unit is the correct one? Is it the BBWGPS or the G-320 or G-330? I am not needing the weather feature. Additionally, what transducer is the correct match for the fish finder duties? Appreciate the help...
You don’t mention whether you received this unit with the radar already included.
The RDP148 was the 7” NavNet vx2 display only. The radar models that will work with it are the 2.2kW dome, (RSB110-070), or the 4kW dome, (RSB0071-058). Naturally you will also need a signal cable for the radar.

The BBWGPS is the correct antenna, but you could feed GPS position in from your Garmin.

As far as a transducer is concerned you would need to have a black box fish finder first as the RDP148 is not a sounder, it would be part of a network.

Also keep in mind that these units were either for C-Map or Navionics cartography, not both.
Thanks..I have the radome and signal cable as well..RSB 110 and wasnt sure on teh black box sounder module..will be a down the road item as I have a Garmin 400c and my garmin 541s...I had not thought of that, linking the garmin into the that possible just doing data connections or is there another unit that needs to be linked as well? I believe it is a C-Map and just need east coast charts, something from Maine to Mass.
To use your Garmin for position you will need a 7 pin data cable from Furuno.
Part# 000-154-028. Please check with Garmin to make sure they have an NMEA0183 position output and what cable they require.
After much searching found this post in which Melville's answer is PERFECT. I have been searching high and low, one-by-one almost thru very Furuno radar product online trying to figure out which radar arrays/domes go with which display units. I'm now guessing (??) that the RDP148 was sold only with 1724C and 1734C packages.

I happen to have a RDP148 used as chartplotter only (with Furuno GPS receiver). I want to keep an eye out for compatible radar unit. Am I correct in understanding from this post that the RSB110-070 and RSB071-058 are the only compatible units?

Is there a master list somewhere that shows which radar units are compatible with which display units in case I'm stuck going the other way -- finding a radar done/array but needing to know what display unit it can feed?