Performance difference between FCV295 and 587?




I am using a CHIRP 1 kw transducer and was wondering if there was any performance difference between going with a FCV587 vs FCV295? Does the FCV295 offer anything more than a bigger screen and tunable frequency in terms of performance?

Long ago we tested the B-265 with the 587. We found that the HF side worked very well but the LF side did not. Further testing showed that while the B-265 can operate over a wide range of LF frequencies it worked best at 42Khz when hitting it with a single frequency. If you are look for a recommendation for the 587 I would suggest either the B-260 or B-270 and would shy away from the B-265 or B-275. Now the FCV-295 is another story because you can slew the TX frequency to better match the transducer, so the B-265 or B-275 is OK with the 295.

Thanks Snips. Did you notice if the performance of the FCV295+B265 at 42khz was better than the FCV585/7+B260? I used to have a 585+260 combo but found it difficult to see fish around 300m. Now I have a 265 and was hoping 295 would give me better performance before purchasing one. Thoughts?

Is Furuno planning to update the FCV295 anytime soon?

I don't have any head to head screen shots of a 585/B-260 vs. the 295/B-265. Below is a shot however of a 1150 using a 265 at different frequencies at 600ft+ that may help you.



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