FCV587 Fish Alarms - please explain Accufish length and span


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Gidday, I'm a longtime FCV587 user and been on this forum from time to time over the years. I'm looking at ways to streamline my screen on those epic days. I've attached a sounder pic from my last outing using Accufish. What I would like to do is either (a) remove all ACCUFISH soundings for fish under 25cm or (b) create an alarm for any fish between 40cm and one metre.

My question is this: With the Alarms feature how can I tune (b) to the above criteria or (a) how can I remove fish symbols for all fish under 25cm from my screen

For reference my sounder image attached shows my standard fishing depth of around 91m and a range and shift of 40m to 110m. The drift speed was around 1.5km/h and I think I use a 1:1 pic advance. Notice all the fish symbols - AMAZING - but I'd like to not see the Accufish sizes of the smaller fish!!!

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Dan20230821_082341.jpg
I don't believe there's a way to turn off Accu-fish on the smaller targets, however you can use option B and set an alarm. If you still have the manual, it's on page 14. If you view the online manual PDF it's page 21, or you can just take a look at these screenshots. pg14.jpg

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