pb200 cable



Will the 100' airmar cable with the inline termination work with the pb200 that has the terminator bilt in? Thanks. ie furuno pb200 & later cable.
Sorry, getting confused here. Because my PB200 had the provision for the pin I thought it was the Furuno one. It is actually Airmar early model with a late model Airmar cable that connects
pins 5&6 in the cable. (Via resistor) So not actually a Furuno question.
Correction...dislike posting incorrect info...pin 4 & 6. 5 is blank on the later cable.
And IIRC the Furuno weather station (rebranded Airmar) WS200 has stuck to the early system
of a pin & terminating resistor in the WS activated by a pin in slot 5 on the head unit.
Mods, please correct me if I am wrong here.
It seems Furuno & Airmar must have collaborated on this.
Also if you could clarify if the WS2- C30 cable is compatible with the WS200/ early PB200?
One of the primary differences between the Airmar PB200 and the Furuno WS200 is the addition of the optional Furuno Canbus termination pin. The PB200 doesn't have this option.