No weather data displayed TZ14/BBWX2



Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I have the BBWX2 hooked into my TZ14 and the BBWX2 has its antenna located outside the boat on a 4' antenna mast. I have power to the BBWX2 and there are no error lights but I cannot see any wether data on the weather screen of the TZ14. I have gone through all the menus. I have sent the subscription activation signal several times and I wait more than 30mim for data to download. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Under Menu, WEATHER, did you select SIRIUS as your weather data server? (default is NavCenter)
Did you change the display to a weather and tides screen?
Did you turn on all the weather items from the roto-key?
Yes, I changed to Sirius, US Radar, and selected the weather screen from the main screen selection. I checked ON for the different weather features. I just don't see anything on the screen even after being out the boat for more than 1h. Appreciate your reply.
If I remember this screen correctly it stated there was no information reported in any of the categories listed.
I have seen problems receiving if the power sync switchs in the BBWX2 are turned on for connected devices that do not support power sync. You might want to check your power sync switches. If you have a normal green status light on the BBWX2 with the unit being seen by the TZT under your sensor list, and the diags say zero messages for each area; it really sounds like subscription issue with Sirius. When you activate with Sirius, the receiver must be On and receiving. I normally recommend that after 15 to 20 minutes after activation that you power cycle the BBWX2 receiver. It can take 5 minutes to get weather data showing and up to 71 minutes for SST. If still not working; then I would have your dealer or the service center evaluate the unit.
Thank you! Your response is extremely helpful and has given me a path to follow. Much appreciated!