No Chart Message



I recently purchased a pursuit 3000 with a flush mount furuno DGPS GP-1850 (either DF or F) with Navionics Classic chip. The original chip is from South Florida and I purchased one for Mobile – Tampa. I inserted the chip, turned on the unit and the chart appeared. As I was becoming familiar with the unit and ensuring settings where I want them, I received a message that said “no chart” when I pushed the plot key. I turned unit off, took out chip and reinserted, same thing. I switched out with the original chip and same message. Have looked thru owner’s manual and several forums but not luck. Any suggestions?

The first thing I recommend is that you remove the chart from the display and carefully inspect the pins inside the card slot in the front of the display. It is possible that one of the times you removed a card and put it back in, a couple of the pins became bent.

You will need some good lighting and better eyes than I have, but if you look in to the card slot, if any pins are bent, they will typically be on the left side of the slot, as you look at it from the front.

If you find they are bent, you will need to get the display to an authorized Furuno dealer or send the display directly to Furuno USA in Camas, WA.

I have 1650WF, just installed a C-Map NT and the same problem, NO CHART,checked pins and all ok. Have you had any luck fixing yours?
Well here is a short coarse in 1650wf charts... the unit will take the navonics chart or the NT chart but not both... each unit is programmed for one or the other chart, if you install the wrong one you will get the "no chart" prompt. The unit can be reprogrammed for the other chart if you can find a knowledgeable dealer. The navonics chart is narrower and the NT fills the complete slot.