NN3DBB AP-500 output sentences


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I have a complete NN3D system consisting of:
SC-30 sat compass
PB200 GPS/Weather
Navpilot AP-500
B&G nmea 0183 speed and depth

My AP gets input data errors sometimes when activating Nav mode. The AP is conneted to nmea port 2 on the NN3D. The connection seems to be working properly. When I try to enter all data sentences That the AP-500 manual suggests I get an overload error on NN3D
port 2 setup. I think a lot of the data probably duplicated and the manual is not
clear as to what data is useful and what is not to the AP-500 computer. Is there a "Best
Practices" setup for NN3D to AP-500 NMEA 0183 sentences. Both in and out?


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Try using only APB, RMB, and VTG. Let us know if that resolves the issue.
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With only APB,RMB and VTG the AP-500 responds with first "Missing Data" and then "Nav Data Error"
Pilot didn't work at all.

Your original sentence setup had way too much data on. NMEA 0183 at 4800 baud will only allow for about 6 or 7 sentences before the data is maxed out and starts losing data.

Page SP-1 (Specifications of the autopilot) will show the exact sentences used by the NavPilot 500 and the order of precedence. I normally use APB, GGA, VTG, RMB, and RMC when sending data to a 500 series pilot. Give that a try and if still not working, see if you have the sentences being received at the pilot by using your "incoming 0183 data" selection under "system setup".

That did the trick you guys are the best!! The only question I have is if there is another sentence or two
that would be useful to the help the nav computer work more effectively?

No there is nothing else that the pilot needs unless you are running a sailboat then sending wind data etc.. would be needed. If you wanted to send more data you might have to bump the baud rate on the sender and the pilot to give more bandwidth.