NN3D True motion echo trails


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Hello! My NN3D BB Is not properly rendering the echotrails in True Motion. It seems that it is not applying the speed properly to accurately project the echotrails, a speed sentence is indeed available from the SC30, and is displayed accurately elsewhere.

Also, the ARPA function consistently tracks bogus ground clutter and stationary targets, while overlooking legitimate moving targets, and also seems to bog down the processor once it is tracking the bogus targets to the point of slowing down other processes such as the NMEA APB sentence resulting in an autopilot data error.

Also... The waypoint entry/edit function could be improved especially when using a keyboard/mouse...

Any suggestions for something I have missed? Any updates I can expect in the future that might address some of these these issues?

Cheers! Rick

It would be nice to be able to take a screenshot...

FWIW, I only use ARPA (in the auto-acquisition mode) outside of harbors and other areas that have lots of stationary targets. And I never have the processor problems you describe. If you need to, you can always manually acquire targets in harbors, but I have never felt the need.