NN3D ARPA Tracking


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Hello! I have been doing a bit of experimenting with the ARPA function in NN3DBB/SC30.
In an open water environment it works very well at picking up and reliably tracking a variety of targets from small 20' boats to large ships, but in a more complex environment it also picks up and tracks stationary targets and ground clutter which tends to overwhelm the processing thus slowing down the operation of the entire system... I also cleared all of the targets several times to see if it would reacquire the same non-moving targets repeatedly, which it did frequently with the stationary "real" targets (buoys etc.) but not always with the "ground clutter" targets (trees, shoreline etc.) those targets were somewhat random. During testing the system would often track the maximum of 30 targets, with only a few being legitimate, most would be irrelevant ground clutter, some would be stationary navaids (but not all stationary navaids). Once the 30 target "queue" was met it doesn't quickly drop the non-moving clutter targets, and will then not identify and track legitimate targets. Manually deleting the clutter targets doesn't really help much because it will then acquire other non-targets...
Are there any Radar settings I could adjust that might help?
Are there some tools that I am missing?
The Radar seems to pick up most of the clutter targets in just 2 sweeps, perhaps requiring another sweep or two might make it more reliable at identifying legitimate targets?
Could some tools, such as a "speed tool" (drop targets less than 1 knot speed), or maybe use the chart data to define areas (on land) to not acquire targets etc. be included in a future update?

Having the availability to take a screen-shot would be helpful in describing some of these issues...

Inside harbors, I keep auto-acquisition turned off and only manually acquire targets I want to keep a special eye one. In shore, I adjust the the acquisition zone so that it does not pick-up shore based objects. It will still pick up bouys, but they are easy enough to clear individually. Off shore, I set it to pick up everything, and find that it works very well, especially when used in combination with AIS.