NN3D/Navpilot/Actisense -> Closed topics?



I wanted to input my experiance with Actisense combined with Navpilot 500 but the http://www.furunousaforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=575 was locked. :?
I also wanted to ask about the new firmware but then this tread would also be locked.
So I guess I will need to skip both of the topics and ask simple questions or something.
When a thread gets too long, or people get too off track; I will normally lock them.
This only means you would need to open a new thread (like this one) and post your question(s) or findings.

There isn't any new firmware for the IF-NMEA2k2. The existing firmware is working fine for everything except running autopilots. I have no idea when Furuno Japan will offer a change to the firmware. For now; if needing to convert NMEA for an autopilot; I recommend, as before, to use an Actisense converter. It tends to be the fastest at doing the conversion.

You said you had something to say about your experience with using the Actisense combined with Navpilot 500?
Yes, I have just installed a Actisense and it seems to work fine, however I would not recomend using such a solution unless the installer are experianced in nmea 2000 and 0183. It is not too bad if your have the skills but for the average captain it can be too technical.

The version I refered to was the Navnet 3D firmware, not the N2K interface.

To be honest Johnny, I dont like the way you lock treads, as soon as someone are not happy with something you lock the topic. This will only make those users find some other place to look, and we might follow them. Please allow some headroom, there are many well skilled out there, I would like to read their experience and questions, both negative and positive. If Furuno is the only one allowed to answear or decide what to write its not a forum anymore.
This forum is dedicated on helping people get answers and assistance; and not open/endless venting. When a short fall is pointed out it by me or someone else, it does no good to have tons of postings saying the same thing over and over. Early on, I found when people join a “DOG PILE”, they tend to say a lot of things that are not true or create misunderstandings. We want this site to be clear and correct as much as possible. As moderator, I want to maintain that focus. There are people who would spit in your face; in your OWN house. The moderators provide guidance and try to provide as much help as possible. We have support lines and a direct question system (For Furuno USA customers) to address specific customer cases where they might have a complaint. This isn’t a worldwide complaint site. It is a support/help site. (Primarily designed for Furuno USA customers) I will not give out confidential information, or allow this forum to become unruly. I hope that you can understand and enjoy the assistance offered. Most people seem to appreciate it.

Concerning your question on the next NavNet3D software; it has been delayed and we hope to see it soon. (It is right around the corner, but just don’t know which corner..)Yet. It looks and works just like your 2.07 software. Not many changes except there are plans for Zeus drive support. It does eliminate the minor “HDD error” pop up; along with no longer having to worry about the tides & currents issue. I am sorry but no set date yet but it is getting close.
You do have a good point about giving others a chance to answer more, before jumping in. I will take that to heart. Ultimately the goal is to let users and dealers answer these. It really makes me happy when people do step up to help others. When the site had fewer users; there wasn't anyone stepping up. Now, maybe there will be more. There have been users giving supportive answers, and it is great to see. I will take your advice and let the site have a bit more rope. I hope you will be one of those sharing your knowledge. Thanks for the feedback on your actisense/pilot experience.
Ok, Johnny, thanks, especially for your second post.
I have only tested the Actisense at harbour but it does provide the nessesary nmea0183 so it looks very good. I just want to do a seatrail before I recomend the interface. It will not happen in a few months.
I know from the different treads many wait to hear about the new 3D firmware, I also know there has been high temperature when discussing the topic and I also know Johnny beeing tired of answering "I dont have more information yet". My friendly advise is to update the "new firmware" tread now and then, even if you dont have any good news. At least we know its not forgotten.
Will there be more space for maps in the new version? I realize this might include replacing the harddrive, but it is not too much space for maps.
Also support for AIS MKD would be handy but I guess it is not ment for professionals like the IMO equipment.

My Furuno Navpilot is one fine piece of autopilot so making it nmea 2000 compatible comes very handy.

Thanks again for your answear. I do appreciate having one forum with Furuno techs presents, I am sure Furuno development may use it as a feedback system as well.
For those with the early model MFDs that have a 40GB drive (15 open slots) there is a hard drive upgrade kit available. (Contact your local dealer for info) For those that have the newer 80GB units (32 slots); that is currently the limit. That is normally more than enough space, but there are options if you want/need more. MaxSea TZ Explorer software has a chart server mode, to expand charts of the system. You can also have two MFDs side by side. Since each unit has it own charts; you can customize each unit and then change which is being used as the plotter, as necessary.
re: the 80GB hard drive upgrade kit, besides the capacity increase option, is it possible to go to a solid state drive (SSD)? Thanks.
In theory, it might be possible but it wouldn't be cost effective nor does Furuno currently offer it. The NN3D already runs the operating system directly from solid state memory. The hard drive is only used for maps, backup copy of the operating system, and your settings. Changing to a SSD drive will not increase how fast the unit boots or operates.
Thanks for the quick reply Johnny. There could be a longer term reliability benefit. Good to know how the MFD uses it's own solid state memory vs. HDD.