NN3 to Simrad autopilot


Furuno Fan
I lost my NN3 to Sirad AP26 NMEA connection when I upgraded NN3 to 2.07.

Presumably Simrad is still outputting proper sentences to NN3 - what do I need to configure NN3 to receive from it again?

Likewise - what if any sentences does NN3 need to send to Simrad?
What connections are you using and what course computer? You can use NMEA0183 from the course computer or Simnet (to NMEA200) from the AP26.

For NMEA0183 you may need to re-configure the port to indicate it is receiving Heading data (Baud rate - 4800). If connected by NMEA2000 it is plug & play.
It appears to be connected to a NMEA83 port (still tracing wires) and the computer is an AP20.

I'll try heading and see what happens.
Sentences to send from NN3d to AC20 - DBT, VHW, MTW, RMA, APB.