NMEA out on RDP139



Hi there !

Just bought a second hand RDP139 and will connect it to the radar and the GPS antenna (GP320)... Now my issue is that I would like to use it as a GPS by outputting the GPS data to the rest of my equipment, but I see no trace of how to do it..

Can you help me out ?
Go to our website and go to the drop down box under products.
Click on previous products. The RDP139 is a 10.4" NavNet 1 unit so find the GP1900C or GP1900C/NT and click on one.
Under the manuals tab you will find the installation manual.
Near the last page of the manual, you will find a block drawing called the interconnection diagram. This diagram will show the wiring and it’s ports by color code. Furuno uses some abbreviations without it being clear to everyone what it means. Here is the decoder ring..

TD= Transmit Data
RD= Receive Data
SD= Send Data
A = +
B = -
H = Hot/+
C = Cold/-

On the RDP139 (10.4" NavNet series one) most users use data 2 to drive NMEA out to their autopilot and VHF radio. This will be done on the output (Transmit) wires. They are WHITE + and BLACK for data 2 on this unit.
Thanks a lot, I have'nt been searching enough I guess. Now a last one, I've found a software update for those models but no instruction on how to do it... I understand from my readings on this forum that it might not be very straightforward but unfortunately sending it to your premises is not an option for me...

Thanks in advance for helps or hints