nmea conection



i need help conecting my fcv 585 sounder to my gp 1650.
i have recently replace my 600l sounder with the 585.
the 600l and the 1650 were previously set up with the 6 pin nmea cable (this worked perfect).
i have cut the 6 pin plug off the nmea cable and conected the black and white (out) cables to the yellow and green (in) is this correct?
i cannot get any data at the moment if the cables are correct how do i program the 2 units?
You are correct! To get GPS data from your Gp1650, using the NMEA 0183 output (WHITE (+) and BLACK (-)) over to theFCV585 NMEA input (Yellow (+) and Green (-)) should allow you to get GPS data on your sounder. You might need to be careful on the 6 pin cable you are using. The normal NMEA 0183 cable will have one connector and open wires. If you have a cable normally designed for as a NavNet network cable, the wires cross inside and might not be going where you think they are. Can you provide the MJ number that is printed on the cable?
thanks for the reply johnny, the cabel is MJ A6SPF0003-050C.
That cable is a normal pigtail NMEA cable, so you shouldn't have any problems wiring it as previously discussed.
i have checked the wiring and settings still without any joy.
can you talk me through the setting as i suspect this is were my problem is.
regards jettson
First you want to ensure the GP1650 is setup to output NMEA information. (MENU - CONFIGURATION - SETUP NMEA PORT 1) You want to ensure the NMEA format is setup to version 2.0 and push the "SELECT SNTNC" softkey to select the NMEA data sentences you wish to send over to the sounder. For starters, I would recommend only sending over GGA (Position), VTG (Course over ground and Speed over ground), and ZDA (date & time). (Turn off everything else)

Ensure your FCV620 is also setup to version 2.0 NMEA (MENU – SYSTEM – NMEA – NMEA 0183: Ver 2.0)

Next you want to ensure the data is coming into the FCV620 from your GPS. The easy way to do this is use the "PORT MONITOR" feature that give you a window to see what data is coming into the sounder via NMEA 0183. (MENU - SYSTEM - NMEA - PORT MONITOR) From the port monitor, you should see raw NMEA sentences coming into the sounder. They normally start with a $ and will look something like this...

$GPVTG......blah blah data here blah blah.

If your port monitor screen is blank, then you either have a wiring problem or a port problem with one of the unit. If you see data, as we expect, then you can look at your position by turning the knob of the FCV620 over to NAV and looking at your position data in a box.

Let me know how it works out for you.
i have checked all the above and the port monitor screen is blank.
any sugestions?
You might try putting a multi-meter (set to DC volts) across the two wires when the GP1650 is turned on. You should be a voltage about 3 volts that is "jumpy". If not, it sound like the NMEA output port of your Gp1650 is bad. You would want have the unit evaluated. It is strongly recommended to have the item inspected by your local Authorized Furuno dealer before sending it directly to Furuno for repair. In many cases, your local dealer will be able to initiate the repair faster, or he may determine that the problem is onboard or an operational/set-up error. You can find a list of your local authorized dealers using our "FIND A DEALER" link at the top of our web site. (www.FurunoUSA.com) In the event that a dealer is not convenient to your location, send the unit to the Furuno Repair Facility with a detailed description of the problem. No RMA number or initial payment is required. Please make sure to include your contact information. The address is listed below for your convenience.

Furuno USA, Inc
Attn: Service Department
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607-9408

The Service Center will contact you concerning cost and billing after the unit has been evaluated.
The Service Center has a $100 evaluation fee for out of warrantee items, but they will apply that towards the repair cost, if you choose to have it repaired. Repair time can vary depending on work load and season. Mostly 7-10 business days plus postal time.
Use 585 instead of 600 l sounder, it is feasible
i checked the DC volts coming from the gps and it was as you discribed.
i will take both units to my local dealer i will let you know how i go.
thanks for your help.