New User - Frustrations and Problems



I am just learning how this NN3D operates, and let me first say I am getting very frustrated by the incoherence of the online support tools.

Did you know that it takes 3 different registrations to access all the various Support, Forums and My Navnet areas??

Major issue: "My Navnet" says "Please register your System ID. " System ID is apparently on the unit - which (you obviously forgot) is on the boat at the marina, not at my desk where my computer is located. So I look for documentation that tells me where it is.
- there's no 'help' system at My Navnet !
- the Ops Manual has NO reference to system ID !!
- the Install Manual has NO reference to system ID !!!
- this forum won't search for ID - it's "too common a word" !!!!
- search for "system ID" and it finds every post with 'system' in it. !!!!!

So where is it?

Related question: I see the 'update software' links and instructions. But nothing says how I find my CURRENT software version number ?

And when you find me some answers, please pass these complaints to your marketing/documentation folk.

I am very sorry you are having frustrations with your NavNet. Many times your authorized dealer is available to help you through the initial learning phase. Most people have also found our online video instructions to be very useful.
To find your system ID go to My Navnet menu on your MFD. It is listed on that page, as well as your software version.
> find your system ID go to My Navnet menu on your MFD. It is listed on that page, as well as your software version

Interesting. I found it (finally) and copied it down - SI 4EFE F351 etc. Then I tried to type it in to the MyNavnet website and it wouldn't take it.

When I deleted the spaces it did take it. (Why didn't you mention that little problem? Or even better, why doesn't someone fix these little stupid glitches? A hint on MyNavnet that spaces should be removed would make the customer(s) much happier.)

And while we're talking about MyNavnet, just what is it for? How do I collect these satellite photos that I am supposed to get for free ?
For what it's worth, I completely agree with Fred2179's comments. Someone at MaxSea/Furuno should play customer and walk through the whole process of doing all this stuff, or better yet, have their spouse do it while they watch. We don't do this stuff every day like you do, and only update charts and tide tables once a year or so. Every time we have to go through this frustration over again as we re-learn all these idiosyncrasies, just to forget them all until the next year.

Oh, and here's another user-unfriendly feature - Chart names. On the Furuno Web site they have one chart number/name, on the MapMedia web site they have a different chart name, and when loaded into the MFD they have yet a third chart name. WTF? It's quite the treasure hunt to figure out what you have, if it's out of date, and what you need.
I totaly agree with previous authors of this thread. As world cruisers we have no "Dealer" handy. We rely on internet for our help. Cant that at least be simplified so the occasional users like ourselves can handle it.
Right now....over two years we have had the system installed....I am trying to find a glitch in software. V2.07. Some guru told me I can get file information off the unit onto an SD Card.. which I have done..... and then insert it into the computer while connected to My Navnet and logged in..... to have it read and analyzed to see if I have a problem.
Well im stuck at "logged into My Navnet and what next?????