New NavPilot 700 Autopilot Series



When introduced several years ago, Furuno's NavPilot 500 Series brought advanced, selflearning and adaptive software to the Autopilot market, providing the ultimate in course keeping capability. With the introduction of the all-new NavPilot 700 Series, Furuno continues its tradition of Autopilot innovation with a host of new, ground-breaking and extremely beneficial features.

Furuno is pleased to introduce you to the new NavPilot 700 Autopilot Series. On the surface, the NavPilot 700 Series flaunts a refreshed look, providing a great "family resemblance" to other popular Furuno products, including NavNet 3D, GP33, RD33 and the FI50 Instrument Series. However, it's "under the hood" where the NavPilot really excels, with a variety of new features and enhancements.

First on the list... "Safe Helm" and "Power Assist". These revolutionary new modes provide a unique interface to the vessel's hydraulic hand steering system, delivering unrivaled comfort and steering control from any manual helm on the vessel. These two modes significantly reduce steering effort, as well as enhancing the safety of your Autopilot. Next up... Selectable "Economy" and "Precision" navigation modes. These new modes combine adaptive technology and sophisticated software algorithms to provide fuel and power savings of up to 2.5%... or even more!

The innovation doesn't end there... Our unique "FishHunter" mode is back and better than ever, adding two new routines to its already flexible repertoire.

In addition to the exclusive capabilities mentioned above, here's an at-a-glance look at a host of other great features you'll find in the all-new NavPilot 700 Series...

- Improved adaptive, self-learning software
- Precision XTE accuracy within .003nm
- Dual Network Interface: Fully certified NMEA2000 & Furuno CANbus provide isolation & redundancy
- Two NMEA0183 I/O ports & an NMEA2000 port provide flexible navigation inputs
- Built-in NMEA0183/NMEA2000 bi-directional data converter
- Improved input power filtering allows for reduced power cable sizes
- Designed for use with either Reversing Motor or Solenoid Rudder Drive systems
- Simplified activation and system set-up with on-screen "Wizard" guidance
- Ideal Autopilot for use on Inboard or Outboard Power Boats, as well as Sail Boats
- Sailing "Wind" Modes are greatly improved over the NavPilot 500
- Simple one-touch steering mode selections

The NavPilot 700 Series consists of three display sizes. Unlike many other Autopilot systems that require you stock multiple processors and compasses, all NavPilot 700 Series models are supplied standard with the same processor (FAP7002) and a high-accuracy, ratecompensated, NMEA2000 Heading Sensor (PG700). We offer both Inboard and Outboard system configurations, along with a variety of optionally available pump sets. Any combination of up to six display controllers may be utilized in one NavPilot 700 Series

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