New Display for RSB-0071-057




I need a new display to drive my RSB-0071-057 radome. I had an 1832 which seems to have died. What is the best approach to procuring a low cost display for this radome?

Your least expensive display that will go with the radome RSB0071-057 is the NAVnet vx2, GD1920C/NT with an MSRP price of $3395. When connected to that display, the system becomes an 1834C/NT. Here's a link to more information about that system: ... t+Plotters

If you don't want to spend that much, you can always look on eBay (at your own risk) or find a dealer that has some used equipment for sale. In your case you'd look for another 1832 display; they may be listed as 1832DISP or RDP118.
Thanks for the info!

The NAVnet vx2, GD1920C/NT looks like a great unit, but its a little expensive. Isn't the a black and white LCD display that I could use - something like the 1715?

If we opt for the NAVnet vx2, can we just plug in our old Radom? Or do we have to have a new cable or plug?

Finally, we have a FMD811Remote Display connected to the current display. Can we connect that to a NAVnet vx2, GD1920C/NT ?

No. The 1715 display will not work with that radome.

Yes. You can use the same cable and the FMD811 will work as is to connect to the GD1920C/NT.

I just verified my information again and I found that the 1835DISP will work too. The cost is slightly less at $2975 list, but the FMD811 will not work with it.
Hey Carl I have about a dozen 1832 (RDP-118) displays with mounting bracket and glare shield. I am located in Aliso Viejo California. PM me at if interested. I just purchased a RSB-0071 and wasn't quite sure if it would work with the 1832 display. I do need the cable connectors and cable retainer gasket and mounting screws to make mine work. Let me know.....Larry/Coolcash