Network Sounder Selection



I currently have old Simrad equipment which is starting to fail due to age, exposure and use. I was just given a Furuno RPU-139, ETR-6/10N 50/200 Network Sounder, C2000 Heading Sensor and a RSB 0070 Radar Array. From all of the research I have done I have determined that the transducer in my boat is a Simrad Combi 38/200. I know that the ETR-6/10N Network Sounder I have will not work with the Simrad Combi 38/200. The transducer is glassed into the as a thru hull mount and I would prefer to find a Furuno network sounder that will work with the Simrad 38/200 transducer rather that getting into replacing the transducer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Full Circle,
The first thing would be to confirm the power rating of the Combi. Years ago we ran into a situation where a vessel owner thought he had a 1Kw transducer but it turned out be 200/300 watts. The 38Khz worked really good for about five minutes so ever since that time I have been leery about using them.

The only network sounder that we have is the DFF3. I have never tested the DFF3 with a Combi, but we have had a few dealers try this combination. If you want to try, use the "A" Tap setting for both frequencies and use a output power setting of 6.