Navtex NX-300 antenna



Hi, I'm installing a Furuno NAVTEX NX-300 on my boat and am struggling with the 10M cable length. I really need another couple of metres to get the display unit where I want it. Does anyone know if it's permissible to extend the antenna cable? The manual has dire warnings about not cutting it, so I'm wondering if it's a critical tuned length or something?

Would be grateful for any advice from anyone out there who has done this or knows whether it can be done without impacting the performance of the unit.
Cutting the cable shorter could allow the voltage being sent to the antenna to rise resulting in possible damage. Extending is allowed (suggest RG8X) within limits. The longer the extension, the more the required voltage will drop resulting in the antenna not working. Adding the few meters you need will be fine.
Hi, I also want to extend my antenna cable for the NAVTEX NX-300 unit and have two additional questions: (1) is it necessary to use RG8X cable or can I also use any other type of 50 ohm coax cable and (2) what type of connectors do I use? Would very much appreciate your advice. Thanks.
You can use other 50 ohm cable but I recommend using marine grade products.
The connecter used on the NX-300 are the TNC type.