NAvpilot 720 set up issue



We have had a Navpilot 720 just installed on our Pacific Seacraft 37 cutter and we are running into a set-up issue. We have gone trough the installation setup to "Sea Trial" and the installation menu shows:
rudder limit setup Done
rudder test Done
Set Center Rud. Pos No
Compass Calibration Done

I'm guessing that the RRU sensor alignment step in the dockside setup is driving the set center rud pos line item. If we open the RRU sensor alignment step, the return to the screen is 1 degree to port which is inside of the allowable +/- 5 degrees. With the wheel centered, the notch on the RRU lines up nearly perfectly with the indicator .

any ideas on what I"m doing that is preventing the set center step from going to Done?
Sounds like the set center rudder on the SEA TRIAL hasn't been completed. The set center of the Dockside setup is only a rough center for running the rudder test. Have you completed the Sea trial?
We only had done the dockside setup.... we got off the dock and completed the seatrial setup and the set center rudder position step there completed the task in the installation menu. The rest of the setup went well with only one mistake..... I didn't make the TZTouch the primary sensor for route planning so the autpilot wasn't seeing planned routes from the TZtouch. When I put the TZ in the primary postion for that sensor selection everything worked perfectly. This system is absolutely amazing in everything it can do! :jump