NavPilot 700 in Demo Slide Show



Customers NavPilot 700 System has I think put itself into 'Demo Slide Show' each time system is turned on. In this mode buttons are giving a double beep as if they are inactive. Hence cannot access setup mode to turn off the Demo Slide Show Mode. Anyone have any ideas on this??
If voltage is being supplied to the control head but it is not communicating with the processor it will automatically go into the demo slide show.
Please check the connections of the control head into the processor and make sure no wires have come out and that the core of the cables are making contact.

If that checks OK please contact our service department in Denton, Maryland or Camas, Washington.
Thanks, wiring is ok. Have been advised it is a Software Bug and that pressing Menu together with knob three times takes it in/out of demo mode.
There is no bug. The NavPilot 700 has both a demo and a simulation mode. If this was a USA model it is easy enough to take it back to normal mode. This is done by MENU and the knob three times (if in Simulator mode - then turn setting back to normal mode) or power the unit off and back on (if in Demo mode). If the unit stays in demo then it is most likely a non-USA sold pilot. The early NavPilot 700s came with DEMO ONLY software. The installer should have programmed and setup the unit prior to delivery. Furuno USA never shipped/sold units with this DEMO only software. The overseas installers should have installed operational software. This would be something to address with them, if that is the case.