navnet vx2 to DFF1 temperature error



I replaced a stolen :angry BBFF1 black box to my navnet with the new DFF1 black box. Navnet is a 2006 model GP1920C. Transducer is a glassed in, thru hull, airmar 1 kw. It functioned perfect before including temperature. Sounder works perfect now with new DFF1, maybe even better. Temperature is way off. Reading about 45 degrees low, beyond adjustment range. Previous temp adjustment was 3 or 4 degrees if I remember but functioned perfect. Ducer cable was not damaged and looks fine.

Any ideas?
Please note that there are two places in the NavNet 1 or Vx2 to adjust your temp. One is for offsetting temp data coming in by NMEA and the other is to offset the sounder temp. The one you want (from a sounder screen) is under MENU - SOUNDER SYSTEM SETUP - SENSOR SETUP. If you are unable to adjust the temperature within range then the transducer is the likely problem. Please check the transducer with the information from the following post.

I am pretty sure I tried that menu for the adjustment and could not get it high enough to reach the water temp as the offset was over 40 degrees. I will work with the other information too and see what I can figure out. I don't think it is the ducer as the temp functioned perfect before I had to replace the sounder box from the stinken thieves.

Thanks again for the help & glad I found this board.