Navnet vx2 - ETR 6/10N - Airmar P66


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I am new to the forum based in Western Australia. I have recently purchased a new boat equipped with NAVnet VX2 system. GD - 1920C, ETR 6/10N (Airmar P66 transducer) GP 320B receiver and a Radar (???)
Resolution on the sounder is pretty poor compared with my previous 585 1KW. I have looked at the simulator and it looks poor also (resolution)
I have been researching a bit and love the look at the Dff1 uhd Chirp network sounder (which I think is not compatible?). Can you advise my options to enhance performance. thinking a 1KW transducer is required! The boat is plate aluminium so transducer would likely need to be transom mounted?

Regards Cammmo.
Welcome to the forum Cammmo.
The ETR6/10N (aka BBFF1) sounder is an analog sounder and really can't be compared to the newer digital units like the FCV585. In addition the FCV585 screen (LCD) has a better resolution.

The DFF1-UHD is not compatible with the Vx2 NavNet units. Upgrade options would really depend on your needs. If I was to guess, the normal DFF1 with the TM260 would be a good combo for you but it is best to discuss your needs and boat hull with your local Furuno Distributor/Dealer.

Does that mean that the Dff1 (digital) would enhance resolution on the 1920C display?
Is the 1920C capable of digital input?
Also I have had a few issues when booting up the display, on occasions I get two quick beeps followed by a picture of a vessel then a blank screen with loading bar on the bottom which does not load from there. I restart the unit several times for it to reboot correctly. Any advice?
The DFF1 has the furuno digital processing so it will offer a cleaner picture and hold bottom automatically better in shallow waters. The 1920C is able to use the DFF1 but the screen pixels/resolution will not change although the end resulting picture will be cleaner/better.

Your NavNet display not loading up on power up could be one of many things. I would start with upgrading the software/reprogramming the display with the newest version of software.

If you are still having trouble with the unit. Feel free to bring the unit in for a software upgrade.