Navnet 3D black box MFDBB wont boot



I have an MFDBB. It does not boot up. It freezes at the "Blue Navnet 3D" screen. It does all the boot sequence correctly; but freezes at the Blue screen. I could not perform the "Master Reset" or " and could not turn the system off from the RCU.

Could that be possible the SSD that holding the operating system is fried? If it is, where is the SSD in the BB?

Please help me!

Thank you
Hi again

Anyone knows where I can get the Furuno's operating system for the MFDBB and the procedure how to install them?

Thank you
Thank you Melville

I already did. The technician contacted Furuno and got the software. He reloaded the software into the BB. The BB freezes and hangs during installation. It took the tech a few tries to complete the installation. After the installation, same thing happen. The BB freezes at the NAVNET 3d Blue screen.

Could it be RAM memory module is bad? I remember my old computer had that kind of problem before. It took me a few time to install windows 95. It turned out to be a bad memory module.

I will let the tech figures it out. He told me he contacted Furuno and Furuno will send him direction to fix it. Hopefully it wont take long.

It is beautiful in Victoria BC in the last few day and I want to go to sea.

I got my MFDBB back today. The tech has giving it up and could not figure out the problem. He changed out the RAM as well as re-installed the software. He told me, he had no problem with re-installation software v2.11. When the unit rebooted from the update, it stuck at the NAVNET 3D blue screen forever, so he had to turned the unit off manually. Once the MFDBB rebooted manually, the NAVNET 3D screen displayed again and a warning window pop up displayed " WHEN TRYING TO UPDATE A PASSWORD, THIS RETURN STATUS INDICATES THAT THE VALUE PROVIDED AS THE CURRENT PASSWORD IS NOT CORRECT." Then it rebooted it self.

Could any one help me solve this problem? May be some tips could be great too.
Thank you.


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