Navnet 1733c nt screen display is intermittent



I have a Navnet 1733c unit where the screen intermittently displays at start up. One, out of five or six tries, the screen will display and run through the system check and show ok. Other times the unit seems to start but the screen will not display, however, the depth portion of the unit is operating since my GPS is getting depth information from the 1733.

Is there any trouble shooting I can do and perhaps there is a reset I can try to solve the issue or does it need to be sent in for repair?
It sounds like an LCD issue. Due to costs, I would recommend looking for a used Vx2 7" display to replace your display with. If you can't find anything, the unit can always be sent into the service center for repair evaluation.
Thank you. What NavNet Vx2 display would be compatible with the radar, BBFI sounder, gps antenna, etc.? My unit was a NavNet 1. It was a 1733c NT and the back plate says it was a RDP-143 radar display (but it was a radar, gps and sounder), serial number 4314-1820.

Any help would be highly appreciated as the offshore action here on the East Coast is in full swing.
Thank you. I searched the net and not many if any v2x available. Is there anything in production available? Does Furuno or dealers sell refurbished units? I really appreciate the help here.
There isn't anything sold today that would be compatible.

Many dealers do have units they rebuild, but you would have to contact them directly.

The RDP148 is in very high demand on the used market. Normal used Furuno holds a good value but the RDP148 is even more sought after; at this point in time.
Turns out when I remove the C-Map card, the unit boots everytime. All I have to do now is figure out if it is the card or the card reader in the unit.
---DISREGARD: Try a 2GB or less SD card in the slot and see if you can save your waypoints and settings. If it writes and reads to a memory card; then it is the chart card that went bad.

--Correction. You have a NN1 and not a VX2 so you don't have an SD card.
Have you looked down the slot with a flashlight? Sometimes you might see corrosion issues or bent/broken pins. You might try the map card into another unit or try a different map card in the problem unit. If the unit continues to have problems, I would send it in for repair evaluation.