Navnet 1 - GPS Coordinates showing wrong position



Hi All,

First post here but I've been 'following' for a while, although very little to input in comparison to the guys here!

I have a Navnet 1 which was installed by my yard this week. The radar works, the GPS signal is showing as being received - the the coordinates are now showing my position. They seem to show a default position of 125.000.000 for example.

I'm heading to the boat today to see if I can figure anything more out than the fitters did. Is this a common problem / something that easily seems to be fixed? The company I purchased from have confirmed it worked before despatch and provided photographs of a working unit.

I should add that I don't have the card installed at the moment but will be installing it tonight.

Cheers in advance!

This could be a set up problem.
Be sure to take your manual to the boat when you head there today.
If you didn't get a manual it can be downloaded from our website at
Thanks Melville. I was thinking it might be something simple, I have the manual onboard so will see if I can get somewhere with it this afternoon.
Your problem could be that the unit is in simulate mode or that your GPS source isn't set correctly for starters. There are too many possibilities to provide you much info without you checking the unit. If you can't find the problem, please call into our tech support from the boat. We normally can determine the problem in minutes.
Thanks Johnny - I'm based in the UK. Is there a generic number I need to call?
You are outside our (Furuno USA) sales and support area. You should be calling your local distributor for support. Here is Furuno UK's number. +44 2392-441000
Hi All,

All sorted thankfully. The guys that installed the unit had not switched off Simulation mode...

Cheers for the help!

Looks like I was premature in my assumptions! Returned to the boat today to find that the same problems were there. Sometimes it reads the chart, sometimes not. The GPS fix is not constant and whilst I can manage to get it working after a lot of hassle, the settings do not save. (I have tried two charts, one new and one that came with the unit)

Would a faulty antenna cause the chart to not read correctly? I have a 1722c Navnet unit that I can try tomorrow, connecting the antenna and power from the Navnet 1 if possible, and also the chart.

I should probably add that SIM is on the left hand corner of the plotter screen, although LIVE is selected in the menu....
Further update!

I moved the boat from the marina that it was in, to my own mooring which is the usual place, and the GPS works and reads the chart every time. Restarted it several times today so far and reads the chart and gets a fix each time. Fingers crossed!