Navnet 1 array compatibility



Hi. Pre-Sandy, I managed to remove my furuno RDP139 and the repeater from the flybridge GD1710. Both were installed by previous owner. The radome, gps antenna and thruhull transducer were all lost.

My question is which arrays (open or dome) are compatible with this Navnet 1 display so I can use the radar. I will also need connecting wires.

Will not be connecting GPS or transducer at this point. Thanks for your time.
The RDP139 (NN1 10.4") can work with the following radars.
The following domes can work with your display: provided they have the proper interfacing

The following open array scanners can work with your display; provided they have the proper interfacing.
RSB0072-060 (requires PSU005)
I have a RDP 139 MFD which was given to me when my brother upgraded his system. It is installed with appropriate GPS antenna, transducer, and sounder module. From previous posts, I see that the RSB 0071-057 radome would be compatible. What else will I need? Also when navigating to a waypoint, as I get close, it goes to 100ths of a mile. Can I change this to feet? Lastly, can I upgrade to Cmap cards and still use my Navionics classic charts?
You would need the scanner (RSB 0071-057) and the scanner cable to connect it. The part number of the scanner cable will depend on the length you want.
000-138-972 10 Meter Signal Cable Assembly
000-138-970 15 Meter Signal Cable Assembly
000-138-974 20 Meter Signal Cable Assembly
000-138-973 30 Meter Signal Cable Assembly