Airmar Transducer Cable Rerouting



I have a new to me NavNetvx2 and a BBFF1 that used to be connected to a FCV600l and it had terrible interference on that one too while underway. I checked out the lots of other cabling for many things and found some loose connections and rearranged the house battery supply to isolate the starting battery (House supply was running off the stbd start battery on house switch positon 1, not the dedicated House battery which was on position 2...) and that seemed to make some of the noise go away, but not all. So I want to pull and rerun the transducer cabling to rule out other interference by just running it straight from the engine room to the back of the sounder.

I believe the interference may be related to the existing transducer cable run being along the main engine battery cables and lots of others downstream as it goes from the engine room to the flybridge. The transducer is an Airmar triducer in a thruhull/block that was probably installed in 2001 when the engines were reported by a prior prior owner. I think there maybe also an extension cable that I want to re-terminate to be sure it is clean.

I see an Airmar tag on a cable about half way to the bridge that shows a part number I am unfamiliar with. P/N 33-044-01 rev 3 and a cust# AIR-033-044. I can't see any numbers on the actual xducer, but it has self-jacking plastic collar and has two wires coming out of it, one big joined pair and a smaller single that looks to be a multi-conductor.

This will require some cutting and splicing to remove and reroute it and I'm fine with that, but want to be sure I am not missing something. I'll try to find the extension splice and start there, but may need to make another cut or two. I did read that the cable must be cut a strand at a time to not short stuff out.

Do you know if this is this tag for the extension cable of the transducer?

Am I on the right trail by cutting/clearing the cable from the others to see if it cleans up the picture?

Am I wading in too deep?? :questions

It depends on your skills. The part number AIR-033-044 is a temp insert replacement for when someone's transducer temp sensor has failed. See this link ... gory=Parts

Overall cable length should NOT exceed a total length of more than 65 feet or it will impact performance. Splices are okay as long as done correctly, but the less junctions or splices the better. You do want to keep the transducer cable away from other wires as much as possible because they can and normally cause problems with each another.
OK, as I thought. For that tag I found on the jacketed smaller cable, so it's probably on the pigtail from a junction box? I just saw the cable running along a group of others in the cabin setee and didn't see anything in the way of a splice or box around. I don't have but 30 feet from the ducer to the sounder in the flybridge. From wiring diagrams I have looked at for triducers, there should only be two cables from the thruhull fitting. One 2-conducter larger guage from the actual transducer and one 2-conductor smaller gauge from the temp sensor thermistor, right? The underwater part has a paddle wheel too, so is there supposed to be a third wire somewhere? Or does it get passed with the thermistor data?
Thanks, JE. Is that from the 91_827 drawing I just found it on the Airmar site?

So the bigger 2-conductor black cable from the piezo is on pins 8 and 10 (blue/black)?

I'm asking just to confirm that this is the wire I should find/follow and keep separated from the other lumes.