N2K network


Furuno Super Fan
I have a DT800 connected to my MFD12 via furuno N2K cables: a 'backbone' cable from bilge to helm station; the DT800's lighter cable connected as a 'drop' cable via a 'T' at one end and the MFD connected via a lighter drop cable at the other end. Resistors both ends of the backbone. This network is powered via power applied to the designated DATA2 pins and a 1A fuse is in-line on the 12v+ side.

This network has to be coaxed into life. When I first power up the MFD, the DT800 depth/temp data is not visible but usually becomes visible after about 5 minutes. Longer than this, I pull the fuse and re-insert it and that will often bring the network to life. And yes, I've changed the fuse a few times, even though it has never been blown...makes no difference.

What should I check first??

thanks in advance
Hello aquabelle,

The first thing that comes to mind is the Data Souce setups in the MFD12 Installation Wizard. Have you verified that the DT-800 is set as the Data Source for both Depth and Temp? If not, I would do that next.

The NavNet 3D displays and BB processors will monitor their data ports for the various types of data that they can use. This is beneficial if you have multiple sources of data. That way, if the primary source drops out, the MFD will see there is an alternate source and start using that.

In your case, if the DT-800 isn't set as the source for Depth and Temp, and the settings are still at their default values, it may take several minutes for the MFD to start using the data from the DT-800.

I hope this helps.