My Navnet



I have used My Navnet in a while, and now I'm baffled at how to get there. Maybe it has been changed? When I bought my MFD12 and radar, I registered them and subsequently remember using something called My Navnet to download software updates and additional charts. Now I've been all over the and the support tabs and can't find the charts. I did find the software update directions, but not the software itself. I tried going through the product registration screen, had to recreate my login info which seems to have disappeared, but still nothing like what I remember. It has been about a year, so my memory on how I got there is foggy.

You can get to the “MyNavNet” web site by going to click the box that says go to NN3D, then on the NN3D section, click on the MYNAVNET box. For doing updates both the software and instructions are posted on the Furuno USA web site ( under the product. I recommend that you update the NavNet 3D by following our written instructions or the instructions given in the training video. We have both update processes (combo & incremental) explained on video under our LEARNING section. With the introduction of the TZT, the path to get to the “MYNAVNET” site became a bit more difficult.
Found it. Thanks. That was kind of obscure to find.

Edit: Logged on to MyNavnet. But still confused on the charts. I remember a page listing the various chart sections - some native to the MFD and free; others like the Bahamas that could be bought online and downloaded. But when I follow the Chart Catalog link on MyNavnet - it takes me to the MaxSea site and the Chart Catalog link there seems to be for C-Map charts. I'm not sure this is what I was looking for.

I have a pdf giving directions on installing updates v3 and v4. It describes the file structure, e.g. SDUS02, etc. But I'm not seeing those on the MaxSea Mapmedia pages.