Multiple TZT Screens



I am planning on running a TZT14 in my lower box and a TZT9 in my upper box. I would like to keep the lower unit on a full screen sounder and the upper unit on a full screen chart (displaying sirius weather). Is it possible to run the two units in this manner or will they have to show the same thing on both screens?
Yes, they will operate independent of each other.
You can display what you want on either TZT.
Will I need to have the black box to have this capability? I was hoping connect the two TZT screens, radar, sonar and autopilot without adding the black box.
If you are asking about a black box processor, no you don't need one.
If you are asking about a network hub, no it can be done without.
I would recommend using a low cost (about $45) off the shelf network hub to add flexibility but not required. I am unclear what you mean by black box.
By black box I was referring to the TZTBB. Would the FI5002 work as the network hub if I wanted to stay with Furuno equipment?
TZTBB wouldn't be required. The TZT14 and TZT9 are their own processors and do not require the TZTBB to work.

The FI5002 junction box is for NMEA 2000 network; not Ethernet networking. They are two different types of networks.
Furuno sells an 8-port Ethernet HUB, part number HUB10: ... gory=Parts

It's not required to use the HUB101 with a TZT network, although it is on a NAVnet 3D network. Johnny suggested a "low cost (about $45) off the shelf network hub" because it would save you money and will work fine with a TZT network.
Thanks for the link! What capabilities will I lose if I don't have the Hub in my TZT network? I am planning on a TZT14 & TZT9, DRS4D, DFF1-UHD, NAVPILOT711-O/B, BBWX2, SC30 (along with all of the appropriate pumps, power supplies, antennas etc.)
In your case, the BBWX2 has a 4-port HUB built-in, so you don't need a separate HUB. You can simply connect your TZT14, TZT9, DRS4D and DFF1 to the BBWX2. Using a HUB is beneficial because the Ethernet ports on the back of the TZT14 are only active if the TZT14 is turned on. You wouldn't be able to receive the radar, sounder or weather on the TZT9 if the TZT14 is off.