MU155C monitor compatibility with NN3D


Furuno Super Fan
Hi: I am after a new remote monitor for my flybridge helm, to inter-connect via DVI-D with my MFD12. Could someone confirm the suitability of the MU155C monitor for this application pls?
tks & rgds

The Furuno MU155C is compatible with the NN3D system. Do you already have the MU155C or do you plan to purchase one? The only reason I ask is the MU155C is no longer a current model. If you have one already it will work perfectly fine, but if you don't you should look for a Furuno MU150HD instead.
Huge difference in price. As-new MU155C are available for around $1,000. The MU150HD would be almost x5 that. Thanks for confirming compatibility