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When I run the iPad application, the screen is a different scales and has a lag of 10 to 20 seconds behind the TZ display when changing scale or moving on screen. What could be causing this ?
10 to 20 seconds is a long time. The TZT is faster and has more power than the IPad so it responds faster and can draw video faster. I have seen a delay with my IPad (Series 1 with 16GB) but not as great as yours. You might try closing any other running programs on your IPad prior to running the TZtouch Remote Program. The overall purpose of the remote is so you can use the TZtouch "remotely". If you were away from the unit and using the IPad, you might not notice that the TZT is ahead of the IPad. The delay you are experiencing is greater than I have seen. If you terminate your other running programs, and still have a long delay, please open a support case and provide all the details so we can investigate further.
I have just installed my TZT14 and found that the iPad app works fine with little delay. I have a Wave WiFi system on board through which communication to the iPad is accomplished. I am totally impressed!
I do wish that audio alarms would be transmitted to the iPad, i.e. anchor watch specifically as was verified by the Furuno staff at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.
Not related to the app, I am having an issue getting the correct UTC time registered on the unit which skews TTG and tide information. Any thoughts? :think

I discovered that my date/time setting was assigned to the AIS device, simply changing the device setting to the SC-30 resolved the the UTC time issue.
I am still hopeful that there is a fix for the lack of audible alarms to the iPad and iPhone when using the remote and viewer apps!
Recently I downloaded the TZT viewer app on both my iPad2 and iPhone 4S. Supposedly one can select TZT alarms to be send to theses iOS devices. I was not able to get an audible alarm on either device, but was able to get the iPhone 4S to vibrate when the alarm sounded on the TZT. Perhaps there is a configuration that I am missing. Any ideas?
During the last seminar we had many dealers setting off audio alarms with the IPad Applications. We were using the soon to be released Version 2 software, but I haven't had any reports of issues with V1 and the apps. I would give it a few weeks and try version 2 and if you still have problems give a call into tech support.
Hi Rascal,
I am a bit confused about your post. What does having a Wave WiFi system, have to do with the TZT communicating with your iPad or iPhone ? My understanding is that the TZT display has an internal WiFi to do the communicating with the iPad or iPhone. Am I missing something here ? thanks, Utah.
P.S. Yes, having alarms to go off on your iPad or iPhone will be a great feature to have.
When accessing the TZT Setup menu, the user is given two choices, one, to connect to the MFD through an existing WiFi network or to connect directly to the MFD WiFi access point. I chose the existing network option so I could have the benefit of the internet connection as well as being connected to the MFD via the app as well. Either way, it works well.
Hi Rascal,
Thanks for the clarification. I did some digging around and found a .pdf manual on this site explaining the iOS application options. Hopefully Version 2 of the software will fix the issue of not clearly knowing if your MFD is truly connected to the internet and downloading latest weather for example.
I just bought a new iPad ( Gen 3) and an iPhone5, so I am anxious to try them out.
thanks again, Utah
I recently installed two TZT14 MFD's and loaded the Ipad apps on my Gen 3 Ipad.
When running the IPad remote app with connection to the NAVNETTZT SSID, I loose connection or the Application freezes when I move from the bridge into the salon which is only 10 - 15 ft away. I suspect that I am loosing the wifi connection from the NAVNETTZT SSID.

Is it possible to connect the IPad to the TZT through an existing WiFi network on the vessel?

If possible, would i have to connect the TZT to the LAN via wire? If so, can I use one of the 3 Ethernet ports on the back of the TZT?

Please excuse my ignorance regarding the network stuff, I am far from being an IT guy.