Is this a x-over cable suitable for connecting an RDP148 to dff1?
Can I lengthen it by a RJ45 straight connector and RJ45 cable?
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Make that a RJ45 X-over connector as the 0016 is a straight cable.
There are cables available that will go directly from an RDP148 (or any NAVnet 1 or xv2 system) to a DFF1. The most common length is 5 meters, part Number 000-159-705. If you need one shorter, a 1 meter is part number 000-159-704. These are available from an authorized FurunoUSA dealer.

I'm not sure if you are continuing a previous post, but I'm not sure what cable you have. If you have one with an RJ45 and a 6pin that is a straight, you can convert it to crossover by cutting and rewiring the RJ45 side (cut off the RJ45 and crimp on a new one) as follows:
6pin --- RJ45
Pin1 --- Pin3
Pin2 --- Pin6
Pin3 --- Pin1
Pin4 --- Pin2
I Have the MJ_A6SPF0016 at 0.5m long. It is too short as I want the DFF1 with all the electrics above the Nav station. The plotter/radar will be in the cockpit.
Above cable is listed as NavNet Display Adapter Straight Cable, 6P(F) - RJ45(M), 0.5 Meters
Alternate number is 000-159-689.
Looking at a female 6pin how is it numbered?