MFD8 not linked to MFD12


Furuno Super Fan
I have done the upgrade from 2.07 to 2.11 on my venerable MFD12 and after it was done i added a new MFD8 as a slave (also on 2.11). Both are connected to the HUB101. However the MFD8 is not linked to the MFD12, i can close either and the other continue to work. They do not respond to either power on or power off from the other. But the MFD8 can use the radar and see all other nmea2000 instruments.

Furthermore the MFD8 alway display 'listener demo mode' on its banner at the top.

What have i done wrong with the MFD8 ?
The first step is to take the MFD8 out of demo mode.
(MENU- MY NAVNET icon - GENERAL tab - DEMO MODE setting = OFF)
:D i just made a fool out of me, i didn't even know there was a "demo mode" but this is funny since it solve the problem of using the MFD8 independantly of the MFD12 to save some energy on a sailboat.

thanks !