MFD12 radar ethernet cable protective cover?



Hello there.
I am in the process of installing my MFD12 / DRS4D system and I noticed that where the radar ethernet cable plugs into the back of the MFD12 there appears to be ring onto which a protective cover could be attached. If you just plug the ethernet cable into the back of the unit it does not appear to be protected at all from salt water intrusion so it would seem to make sense that there would be a protective boot. I contacted an authorized dealer and he was not aware of any such boot. If there is no protective boot could you let me know how I am supposed to protect this cable end. My unit is in the cockpit of my sailboat and it is not impossible for salt spray to find its way there.
The MFD12 has a cable (P/N 000-164-609-10 that comes with the unit) that has a fitted weatherproof end mating the display. Normally this cable would be used, where water/moisture is a concern.
Well the cable I purchased separately does not have a boot and the authorized dealer I spoke with was not aware of a cable with a boot. I have not seen a photo of a cable with a boot. See example eBay listing that shows a closeup photo where both Ethernet connectors can be seen. ... 47&vxp=mtr[/img]

Can this boot be purchased separately?
If not I will have to fill the entry point with dielectric grease.
As Johny Electron said, the ethernet cable with waterproof connection should have been shipped with the MFD12. If it wasn't included then that is something you should take up with the dealer who sold you the MFD12.

The NN3D Installation Guide (v3.2) shows a different part number than Johny provided: FUSA P/N =000-164-809. Perhaps he could confirm which is the current P/N?

000-164-809 is not a good number, but you have pointed out the fact that our install guide has an error. I will pass that info to the right folks. Good catch!

Besides the included weatherproof RJ45 that comes with the unit, there is an optional waterproof connection kit that covers the DVI,USB, Analog Video input ports. (Part# 001-028-090) If you open the weather panel that covers those ports, it sounds like you should order this kit based on your mounting location.
So what of the cable on eBay that does not show a waterproof boot? Are there bootlegged Furuno DRS radar cables out there? I would rather doubt that. If there is rubber or plastic boot there should be replacemets available as these may not last forever. Can someone actually check to see if these are listed anywhere?
Thanks :(

I guess you didn't read the thread I pointed to earlier as that does explain things.

To simplify: the cable from the radar scanner, as shown in the eBay listing you provided, does not have the waterproof connector for the ethernet cable that could attach to the back or the MFD. The ethernet cable discussed above, which comes with the MFD, does have a waterproof connector to attach to the back of the MFD. The Furuno recommendation is to buy an ethernet coupler (not waterproof) and use it to connect the ethernet cable from the radar scanner to the ethernet cable from the MFD, and then to either keep this junction out of the weather or wrap it up with coax seal or similar. Alternatively, connect the (non-waterproof) ethernet connector from the radar directly to the MFD and attempt to waterproof the connection.

My request (in the thread referenced) was for Furuno to provide a radar cable with a waterproof connector on the ethernet cable as well as the power connector, and the response could be characterized as less than enthusiastic. I also requested, for my immediate use, a connector which I could put on the end, but apparently they are not available as a separate part. Since it seems you are in the same boat, perhaps you would like to go back to that thread and add your name to the request? I suspect there are quite a few of us who have no use for a hub, but want the waterproof connection directly.

The connector we seek is a rigid plastic housing with an embedded shielded RJ45 plug. There are a few providers of such parts, but I doubt that they are compatible with the Furuno design. But if by chance it is an outsourced part I would dearly love to know the manufacturer/part number so I could order some.

Thanks for taking the time to educate me. No, I did not read your link because I was not interested in new products (I thought you were from Furuno).
So I see the Furuno people here really did not understand what I was saying. I was asking about a 10M radar cable not some frigging little ethernet cable that connects to a hub.
This is plain STUPID not having a waterproof connector for the ethernet part of the radar cable. I am starting to doubt my wisdom in purchasing Furuno. :angry
To be fair, I didn't understand what you were getting at either, and I wrote the request for a new cable. It is pretty easy to misunderstand in this environment.

I think you are being too hard on Furuno; the MFD is pretty amazing and the radar scanner is top notch. And they have been great about updating the US charts (for free). The problem is that they primarily address the needs of larger vessels, and especially fishing vessels, and small guys like us are not always in focus. That said, we benefit from all of the development done for the guys with the fat wallets, so it is a mixed bag. I assume you haven't been using the MFD for very long if at all - once you get over the learning curve, and decide which of the features you want to use (and customize for your installation) I think you will be very happy with the purchase. I certainly am. And you're right: I don't have any connection to Furuno other than as a customer. I'm retired, back from cruising, and have some time to help out on the web on a couple of sites. I am lurking around here primarily while I am awaiting a new firmware update for the MFD's which is expected imminently.

Perhaps if more of us raise our voices over this small, but annoying, issue Furuno will come up with a solution for us. I would be happy with just the connector kit; I have a crimper and know how to use it properly. And I am not keen on having to replace the existing cable, but that would also work for me.

As I said before, I think it might be useful if you posted a comment on the requested feature thread. At least I won't look like an isolated case.