MFD 12 Screens




Hope someone can help.

Have a 26 FS Regulator in Maine and have a problem with my Navnet 3D. Boat just went in the water after winter storage.

I am able to see all my different functions and choose them on my left screen, ie, Chart, Radar, Sonar, but only Chart on the right screen. Nothing else shows up. I always have the chart on the left and sonar on the right. I monkeyed around trying to fix this and think I screwed something up. Please help. Any info would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

If the right screen is an MFD unit then you should ensure that it sees everything properly when you run the wizard directly on it. If it does, it sounds like you just need to create the hot pages for the other screens (like sounder). If you need help with the hot pages it is covered in the videos and manual. If that doesn't fix you you up; you might want to call into tech support from the boat. I am sure it is something easy enough to fix.