maxsea to older gp31 and fcv 291

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have just purchased the new time zero plot, and now have just been told by the NZ agent that i need to buy a multiplexer to connect gps and sounder to laptop running win 7 with no serial port as the system wont be able to seperate the two inputs unlike the older version of maxsea.
no mention of the need of the multiplexer before purchase.
is this correct or can i just wire up the gp 31 and fcv 291 to two serial 9 pin plugs/usb and see what happens?
Simon NZ-
The Max Sea Time Zero Plot is currently not available from Furuno USA. At this time we ask that you contact the New Zealand distributor, Electronics Navigation Limited, for further clarification. For what it is worth the need for a multiplexer sounds reasonable as the NMEA 0183 can not have multiple talkers going into a single listener without one.
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