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greetings to all,

we are going to set up a system with NN3D MFD x 2, and 2 navigation computers, and 1 ships computer. want all 3 computers on the network, runing TZ software.

Rumor has it that only 2 computers can be on the system....anyone know for sure?

Officially, there is only one MaxSea TZ computer allowed per NavNet network. When you purchase TZ, the license allows you to install/activate it on two computers. Don't mistake this "2" for how many can be put on the network. These two activations are intended to be used for one PC on the boat and one for at home. It isn't intended to run both of these units on the same NavNet network.

We have tried running both activated machines on one network and it does seem to work. It hasn't been FULLY tested, so there might be issues that we haven't encountered. As a Furuno dealer, if you have a special project that presses or goes beyond limits; please work with your area manager. Trying three units on the network hasn't been done, nor would it really work correctly because of how the chart cross licensing works.
To keep things simple, your answer is one per network.
simple.....whats that?..........they want the NN3D BB x 2, with 2 navigation computers running TZ. Not concerned with sharing charts, want the full chart load on each machine for back up. Has it been tried like this?
I think we have a solution and will contact you directly.

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