Location for antenna for FA50



Just received my FA50 today. 3 years ago while commissioning the boat I ran a spare cable for a AIS future installation. The other is my VHF radio. Looks like using the second cable at the top of my mast is out as it is separated by only 1 foot. Being a single mast sail boat it seems like any other location will be shadowed by the mast. Do you have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance. Jack
Better to have some mast shadowing than to damage your AIS and VHF radio by having them too close together. 1 foot separation WILL damage them.
Got it.

What MHz should I be looking for in the antenna for the FA50.
The whip antenna needs to rated for AIS. A normal VHF wont due for a transponder.
AIS transponders use two different frequencies, (161.975 MHz), (162.025 MHz). The FA50, unlike lower cost units has two receivers to watch both freqs rather than switching back and forth.