List of all cable and equipment needed for full setup




I am trying to make a complete parts list to setup the following including all cables and devices needed:

2 - TZT14 units
1 - GP300B antenna
1 - DRS4D radar
1 - FURUNO radar power supply
1 - 711OB autopilot
1 - DFF1 - UHD
1 - AIRMAR B275LH-W transducer
1 - FUSION 700 i radio
2 - ICOM M400BB radios (dsc hookup)

I looked at the TZT14 installation manual and it is does not show my config. Do I need more ethernet ports in the TZT14 units or do I need the hub? I am hoping not. Will I need any converters for can to nmea? I want to display engine sensors also. Trying to come up with cable list.

I would recommend that you work with your dealer or reseller for all the bits and pieces. Different dealers/resellers offer different optional kits/options. Although you could build this system without a hub (using the network ports on the TZT14) I would recommend you use a standard off the shelf hub (like Netgear SG605) or the Furuno Hub101. This will ensure everything is available to either display if you only turn on one of the MFDs. If you were to connect everything thru the devices, then if one of the units is off you will lose availability those network devices for the unit that is turned off. I noted that your radio is NMEA 0183. You can either have the Radio GPS be translated by your autopilot (meaning you should always turn on the pilot) or you might consider adding a NMEA 2000 to 0183 converter (like Furuno IF-NMEA2k2) to your shopping list. Other than the hub/switch, NMEA converter, you should only need a NMEA 2000 backbone starter kit to have most everything you need.