Is there an order to powering up MFD12 & DFF1


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I have a DFF1 connected to a MFD12. Each is connected to a separate rocker switch on the helm.

I typically turn on both rocker switches and then press the power button on the MFD12.

Most of the time the bottom finder screen has "noise" drop out on initial power up which does not go away.

I then have to power down the MFD and restart it and then the bottom finder is clear (no noise).

Should I wait to turn on power to the DFF1 until after the MFD is done booting?

IS there a recommended order of powering things up?

It might be helpful if you could post a photo.
If you are directly connected from the MFD12 then the sounder should be setup for power sync with the MODE switches all in the up position. Powering up both breakers at the same time is good. When you power on the MFD12 it will send the power sync signal to the sounder and turn it on. How are your mode switches set?