Is the GP 33 able to recieve AIS?



We have a GP 33 that we are going to install in the boat. It will be an independent gps not hooked up the the boats instruments and navigation system. The unit will be used with a remote MOB button installed at the helm. We are also looking at the Kannadmarine Safe link R10 system for equiping each person on the boat with a personal MOB transmitter that sends a AIS signal. My question is if I install a AIS reciever on the boat can it be hooked to the GP33 to display the position of the R10 personal beacon on the GP 33 display. If so how would I hook this up to the GP 33?
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The GP33 is a great GPS with basic Navigational skills, supporting output of both NMEA 2000 and/or NMEA 0183. It is an output device. It really doesn’t accept any data from anything else (except when you transfer points/routes via a PC into the unit). You can feed your AIS, GPS data from this unit, but the GP33 will not accept AIS or plot AIS targets on screen. The GP33 has the ability to setup a MOB event switch or use MOB products that trigger the switch to show a MOB on screen. The Kannadmarine Safe link R10 system seem to be an AIS based system, so it wouldn’t work with the GP33.
Thanks for the reply and confirmation. So I am going to wire up two normal open/ close contact buttons (one at each helm station) to the remote MOB on the GP 33 and run the NEMA out of the gps into a edgeport device. I will run my AIS reciever into the same edgeport device and combine the two rs 232 signals into a USB that goes into my laptop from the edgeport combiner. I have Expedition running on the laptop. I will view the AIS signal of the MOB on my laptop. The remote contact when hit will activate the MOB mark onto the chart. The display on the GP 33 will also display the MOB, correct?
The GP33 will display a red "M" on the plotter screen and add a MOB to your waypoint list at the current location, when the external event switch is triggered, or when the MOB button is activated on the face of the unit. When activated the unit will ask if you wish to "GOTO" the MOB location. If you choose YES, then the GP33 will provide a typical steering (bearing line) to the point. The unit will send out 0183 data via the RMB NMEA sentence, in your case, going to the PC. If your PC software accepts external RMB (like our NavNet 1 and Vx2) it will plot the waypoint and also provide a bearing line back to the MOB. The GP33 does not provide WPT, WPL, or TLL when the MOB is triggered.