is it possible to change from navionics gold to c-map?



I bought a chart ploter 1834c and didn't realize was a navionics I heard that is pretty bad.Well all this time I tot I had a c-map so I bought a c-map chip for the Caribbean well when I went to installed it didn't work so read all the manual again when I realized was a navionics ploter for my surprise well I 'm pretty bomb out, hope Its is possible to change the ploter program
Yes, the hardware in the 1834C (Navionics) is the same as the 1834C/NT (C-Map) but the unit would need to be converted. It is best to work with your local dealer on this. They normally will convert the unit and replace the chart door to reflect that the unit is now C-map. Price is normally about the same as your mailing cost to the service center and it can stay on the boat. If you would rather, you can send the unit to the FUSA service center for a free one time conversion. You only have to pay your shipping costs.