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We installed our TZ 6-5-2012 and used our Ipad (latest version) sucessfully before the App was updated by Furuno, 6-25-2012 v1.0.3
The only softkey that now responds is the "settings key"
Is it possible to get the original version till this is fixed?
Japan posts the software directly to Apple. They have already resolved the issue you are speaking of. They are waiting for Apple to post the newest revision. Keep checking your IPad for the new release so you can upgrade.
Please let the development folks know that I would have appreciated an email that this App (Version had a bug and was being replaced. Also it(Version is still currently in the Apple App store so other customers with a working version that update will lose their remote use of the TZ.
The newest version has been posted by Apple, today. (18 July 2012)
It seems to work fine. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.
If I have an iPad with an internet connection, can I download the latest weather data to the iPad and then upload to the TZT network on a daily basis ? In other words, can I use the iPad as a WiFi device to update weather info on TZT network ? OR does the TZT network need to have a direct WiFi connection ?
thanks, Utah
The TZtouch (currently) must get the weather data itself, via a Wi-Fi connection. This could be from a Wi-Fi connection at your marina, home Wi-Fi, or your cell phone setup as a hot spot. (Wi-Fi must be in range of display)
OK, I guess I will have to jailbreak my iPhone to set it up as hotspot.
Where would I get these weather updates from ? And would this weather info be comparable to the Sirius weather info ( of course realizing Sirius is real time, where this downloaded weather is only current at the time of downloading) ? What are the differences between these 2 weather options ?
You don't get the weather from anywhere; the MFD does. Give the manual a look on the NavCenter weather feature. It is just a matter of connecting the MFD to a Wi-Fi source and pushing "UPDATE WEATHER" on your Roto-key from the weather screen.

The differences in weather is one is FREE and the other requires a subscription. The NavCenter weather has many of the same items provided by the subscription system but doesn't provide North American or Canadian Radar. The NavCenter has longer forecast periods and better resolution for the Sea Surface Temps. The NavCenter requires a Wi-Fi connection when updating and it is a worldwide weather system. The subscription based system is USA only and must be within the Sirius satellite footprint to receive with an installed weather receiver and active subscription.
Thanks for the explanation on weather options.
When you do an update via the NavCenter weather, does the NavCenter Weather give you the NOAA buoy data for waveheight as well as time intervals of waves ?
thanks again, Utah
The manual lists all the available options/selections in Chapter 11 of the TZT manual, but you might want to look at the table under Para. 11.5 which compares the two weather systems.
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