IP Address conflict



I get a Windows CE Networking error box on startup on my 2 displays "...detected a conflict for statically assigned IP address...with the system having hardware address... The local interface has been disabled.

Intermittant availability of radar and depth sounder ensues, and frequent alarms on both displays re radar connection (whether the radar is running or not)?

Anyone one with experience of this. Out of the blue, system had worked fine for several months post commissioning.
I have no knowledge of the specifics of how these displays do their networking, but until a Furuno expert can respond I would recommend checking that one of the displays is still master and the other one slave. Of course there must be one, and only one, master on the network.

The MFDs, radar, and depth sounder are all connected by ethernet, and your problems can be explained by IP addressing problems. The "master" MFD would be responsible for assigning IP addresses, which is a necessary function. Two masters could create duplicate addresses, and without a master, the CE networking stack might assign a local address which could be duplicated by both MFDs. Either way, checking for master/slave is the first thing to do. It would be pretty easy to have a problem after the recent firmware update, and of course both MFDs should have been updated at the same time.

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