IOS App Capabilities



In the demo video, the capability to view the live sounder display on an iPhone was shown in the context of the viewer app. Is this capability limited to mirroring what is being displayed on the MFD, or is it possible to view available elements such as charts, sonar, or radar, singly or in multiples, that either aren't included in the current MFD display or are part of a different current matrix view on the MFD?
Regardless of what is displayed on the linked MFD you can view the sounder on the iPhone app. You can also select various databoxes related to fishing, sailing, ship, navigation, enviroment, and engines. However, you will not be able to view the chart.
Great! Will this be possible with radar, too, or just the sounder?
Just the sounder at this point in time. Charts and Radar might be a bit too small on a 3.5" diagonal screen. There is concern about the way some novice boaters operate their vessel to begin with and I'm not sure giving them these options would be the best idea.
I share the concerns about the small screen size on the Iphone, and was just using this as the example as it was in the video. Will this capability to display the sounder screen extend to iPads?
With the iPad you will have total control. It will act as a second station.
So I think I understand now that the iPad app is the control app and the iphone app is the viewer app rather than being a case of having separate control and viewing apps for both platforms.

Will the iPad app have the capabilities of the viewer app? What I'm really trying to understand is whether there will be the option to independently view instrument data or sonar on the iPad, so that it could act to augment the main display - in addition to the capability to act as a second station. This would provide great flexibility and utility, as it would be possible to use an iPad to augment the main station while cruising, then move it to serve as a 2nd cockpit station while fishing.
Yes, the viewer app will also be available for the iPad. :jump
Only the iPhone is restricted to view only.