Install B260 on a GP1870F



I have an airmar B260 (PN: 41-194-1-01 Rev:09) previously used on a Lowrance LCX28HD and I would like to know if it can work with a GP1870F. If so what would I need to get it to work.
I do not believe this is possible.
Lowrance uses a 7-pin connector and Furuno uses a 10-pin connector. Airmar does not offer a conversion cable for the Lowrance 7 to the Furuno 10.
In a previous post I was trying to get the same transducer to work on a fcv587 and I was told by Johnny electron that I could just cut the plug off and use a furuno 10 pin pigtail. I just want to know if the transducer would function with the gp1870. Although I know I will be losing some of the features like bottom discrimination and accu-fish
I have read the response from Johnny and based on that, yes it will work as long as you accept the lack of BD and Accu-Fish as well as the need for a separate temp sensor.

Sorry for the confusion. :?